Gamma Knife

Many of you know that my sister, Katrina Zartman, will be undergoing additional treatment for her pituitary tumor. Please be in prayer for her and Joel as they meet with doctors to see what the next step should be. In a recent email, Katrina mentioned the possibility of an alternative treatment.

The Gamma Knife is a neurosurgical instrument that allows a surgeon to perform brain surgery without a scalpel or actually entering the skull. This way there is little damage to the brain and as much function as possible can be preserved. This form of minimally invasive surgery—also known as radiosurgery—uses 201 highly focused beams of Cobalt 60 Radiation to produce biological effects on tissues inside the intact skull. The treatment is done in a single sitting and therefore also has the benefit of shorter hospital stays and less side effects.

The University of Virginia Medical Center has produced an online video that explains every step of the procedure. It made the Gamma Knife seem like a good alternative to surgery. But then I’m not a doctor. Please pray for the Zartmans as they consider what the Lord would have them do.

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One thought on “Gamma Knife

  1. dale

    Andy, your sister is in our prayers along with you and your family. May God touch her with his healing and blessings, and give the doctors the ability to perform their task as they are guided by the hand of God. May he give her calm and reassurance that she is indeed in the will of God for whatever purpose he has for her and her family, and may he give her, and them, peace that can only come from above.

    Be assured she and your family are in our prayers, Andy. May he be pleased to help us remember your sister, Andy, and you all in our prayers every day.

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