MCS Christmas Program

For those unable to be at the Christmas program tonight, I have filmed several short videos of my children singing. These were taken during the morning run through. You will quickly notice that my camcorder is low quality where lighting is concerned. This resulted in Jefferson’s face being completely washed out by the sunlight. Just look for the red hair with a blotch of white underneath.

Katie’s video turned out a little better, but for some reason, google video wouldn’t take it. If you had seen the video, you would notice that she was very reserved. She actually told me that it was going to be “embarrassing to stand in front of all those people.” What!? Did she really say that? In any event, enjoy the video.

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3 thoughts on “MCS Christmas Program

  1. dale

    We tried to get a Christmas program going for my Adult ED/GED classes. Unfortunately, no one knew what Christmas was, so the idea was quickly dropped.

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