4 thoughts on “Jalapeño Pop

  1. Linda

    My brother is so weird. Just today I was telling one of my students about some of your clothing choices. (His taste is very similar.) YUCK! EWWWW Gross. I’m guessing that jalapeno pop is not going to be at the top of the charts anytime soon. Blech.

  2. Mom

    My advice is that you focus on the teens when they are at your house. Draw them out and make them feel loved.

    Don’t entertain them at your expense!

    I do love you.


  3. Andy Rupert

    Linda, what you saw in the window was the Ricky Racer full size cut out I saved from VBS.

    Mom, I’m glad you love me. As to the video, we do a lot of things during and after the Sunday meal before the nursing home service. This was just one of the silly ones.

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