OBF Winter Conference

Due to a scheduling conflict, I was unable to attend the OBF Winter Conference at Westerville Bible Church this weekend. And this one would have been especially interesting as four of the younger members of the fellowship were the speakers. Pastors Chris Anderson, Mark Perry, Dan Greenfield, and Dave Saxton spoke about fundamentalism from their own perspective.

If you were unable to be there, Pastor Mark Perry has made each message available here. I am planning to listen to them during a trip to Detroit tomorrow. But just to whet your appetite, my pastor told me that one particular message was worth the price of admission. Which one do you think he meant?

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2 thoughts on “OBF Winter Conference

  1. Chris

    Well, considering that “admission” was free, I’m not sure that says much about what he thought of the messages. 🙂

    Commenting on the other 3, I was blessed by each message. Solid exegesis, careful explanations, etc. The point of the text was the point of the message, I think. Good stuff.

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