Tallest Man

At 6′ 2″ barefoot, I thought I was tall. Then I played against two 6′ 8″ basketball players at Whetstone Rec Center in Columbus. Later, I felt even smaller next to a 7 foot high school basketball player. But when I read about Robert Wadlow, I get the idea that even Manute Bol would have felt small next to him. He was 8′ 11″ tall! Yikes! You can read all about him here.

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2 thoughts on “Tallest Man

  1. KatriniZambini

    Last week, I listened to a “Great Courses” lecture that mentioned another tall man. The lecture was talking about the history of doctors (surgeon’s in particular). The Irish giant, Patrick (Coulter) O’Brien, had gone to great pains to plan for the disposal of his body in the sea after his death. However, the Scottish surgeon, John Hunter, went to equally great pains to obtain the corpse. He ended up boiling it so that he could study the skeleton! There are pictures on line of the skeleton at the Royal Museum of Surgeons.
    Did you notice the cause of his growth was due to an over-active pituitary gland? My endocrinologist tested me for this (not that I’m really tall). My IGF is within the normal range, though.

  2. Andy Rupert

    It makes you wonder if obese people are affected by something like that. Remember the Guiness Book of World Records man who was buried in a piano case? I think he weighed about 800+ pounds.

    Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler with some growth disorder and he purportedly (you never know with pro wrestling) weighed 500 pounds.

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