Why? What time is it?

After developing several friendships with students in China, a recent college graduate returned to the states. Her first phone call from one of those friends came at an unexpected time … 2 am!

I was reminded of that this morning when I shot off an email to someone in Australia. After sending it out, I wondered how soon it would be read. After checking a world clock website, I found out that it was 3:46 am over there! I guess I’ll wait.

So, the next time you send off one of those emails or get excited about calling a friend in Ungabunga land, be sure to find out what time it is before you call.

Birmingham, England
+5 hours

Niederndodeleben, Germany
+6 hours

Baghdad, Iraq
+8 hours

Port-aux-Francais, Kerguelen
+10 hours

Beijing, China
+13 hours

Seoul, Korea
+14 hours

Hobart, Tasmania
+16 hours

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