Island News — January 30, 2007

Remember Spirit Week at Northside? I always wore Mike’s silver flake tuxedo jacket (about the only time of the year you would want to). It’s Spirit Week at Mentor Christian School this week. Monday Jefferson wore the Varejao wig in addition to his mismatched clothing. One of the elementary girls gelled her hair straight up. Yikes! Today, both kids went as twins with the help of their Korean Aunt Linda. I’m not sure what they’ll do for Hillbilly Day tomorrow.

Speaking of snowing, we got dumped on today. I shoveled the sidewalks and driveway before and after supper today. But I can’t complain, it keeps me active and gives a sense of accomplishment. That’s pretty much what Mr. Bear used to say when I would often awaken to him clearing our sidewalks and driveway (or mowing our grass). He sure was a nice neighbor.

After owning five Saabs, I have collected a large assortment of screws, bolts, springs, etc. in a plastic lemonade jar. They came in handy today. As I was shoveling the sidewalk, the final sheet metal screw holding the shovel to the handle disappeared. What to do? Ah, I know. I poured out the contents and found two Torx bit screws which fit quite well. See why its hard for me to throw out all the extra Saab parts?

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