Island News — February 3, 2007

We have been praying for wisdom to know what kind of vehicle to get as a second car. The Saab has been fun and reliable, but it was becoming a bit cramped for three children. So, we looked at Saab 9000s, 7-passenger Volvo wagons, and Mercury Villagers, but nothing seemed right until Friday afternoon. After visiting every other lot on Vine Street, we finally purchased a 1999 Chevrolet Venture.

I purchased a built-in Whirlpool dishwasher from Best Buy. But when I got it home, I realized that installing it into our counter was more of a challenge than I wanted. So … I took out the non-working washer unit from the old portable and installed the new one in its place. It’s amazing that it fit. Nothing that a few drywall screws and $11 worth of brass fittings can’t fix, eh?

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