Island News — February 10, 2007

On Friday, Trenton and I went to Meadville to pick up an extra single bed from grandpa’s house. We ate lunch with grandpa and my parents. Then after loading everything into our minivan, mom & dad decided to follow us home. This led to an impromptu pizza party for Katie’s birthday. We had a good time together, but forgot to take a picture until grandma was already in the car.

Late that night, we finally got to rearranging the kids’ rooms. Who would get the new bed? Well, that required a bit more thought than anticipated. We finally decided to keep the boys in matching beds. So, Trenton got Jefferson’s old bed, Jefferson got Katie’s old bed, and Katie got the bed from grandpa’s house. Things look pretty nice and the children should get used to the new furniture soon … we hope.

Having donated a used computer monitor to Chuck E. Cheese, earned us a free meal for Katie’s birthday today. Her friend Emma (and about two hundred other people) joined us for pizza, pop, and lots of games. The picture should have been of Katie and me, but she had disappeared by the time the machine was ready.

Sharon has been sick for a couple of days now. She missed out on the festivities. We’re hoping she’ll be well enough to attend church tomorrow as she’s been home the last several Sunday mornings with sick children. We’re hoping that this will be the end of sickness for a while. At least we can look forward to eternity without such ailments.

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