Careful Parents

Andy Efting’s recent post about the dangers of the internet was a good reminder. Despite the limits we have placed on it in our home, there are many wicked things available on the internet.

We have been trying two internet filters lately. The first was ENUFF, a computer timer which limits the amount of overall computer use for each user. I set up our kids with a certain amount of minutes per day. When the times is up, they can no longer log on to the computer. It makes pulling them away from a game much more natural.

The second program is even more helpful. Safe Eyes allows you to select what types of sites you want blocked. Along with profanity, nudity, and porn, it allows you to block dating/personals, cheating, free mail, alcohol, etc. As with other blocking programs, it blocks some good sites as well. (I couldn’t access my sister’s blog yesterday.) I haven’t tried it yet, but the program also limits time on the computer.

Whatever program you choose to use, it is wise to install some sort of filter—not only for the protection of your children but for our yown protection as well.

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