President’s Challenge

Most of us are familiar with “bodily exercise profits little” but we often forget that it does help us. With that in mind, I recently joined a relaxed fitness program. Each week I exercise for about 30 minutes each day for five days. Then I log my progress on a web site.

You can choose from aerobics, snow shoveling, walking, baseball or about 60 other types of exercise. It’s fairly easy to do. Today, I played basketball for about 45 minutes and earned 261 points. The points add up over time and after completing six weeks, I’ll be eligible for an Active Lifestyle award. But more importantly, I’ll feel better and have a healthier body.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this program. If you’re interested in looking it over, more information is available at:

When you sign up, you will need to use the following name and number to be part of our group.

Group Name: Isle Kerguelen

Group Number: 57841

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