Island News — April 21, 2007

Meet Buz, Buzz, and Buzzz

One buzzed head wasn’t enough, so after my visit to a Painesville barber, I convinced the boys to allow me to practice on them. What fun! I did attempt to save some bangs on Jefferson, but a clip here and a clip there left nothing worth keeping. So …

BCC Couples’ Conference

Bible Community Church hosted a Couples’ Conference April 18-20, 2007. Pastor Todd Nye was the speaker and did a great job with four messages that were very helpful. Friday night, we enjoyed a steak dinner and an ice-breaker where each husband had to instruct his wife how to tie his tie while she was blindfolded. All that was followed by an profitable Q&A time with the speaker. I’ll post the sermon mp3s as soon as they are made available.

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