Who was that masked man?

After walking over to Morley Library, Sharon wanted to walk through City Park. When we got there, she plopped onto a bench to rest while the kids ran around. “Hey! Look!” I said. “It’s Spiderman!” Some guy with a red shirt and blue pants was standing propped up in the limbs of a tree along the curb. (Jefferson really likes Spiderman, so I figured he would be interested.)

But as we walked closer, it turned out that the man actually was dressed up as Spiderman. So, we walked closer for a better look. That’s when he began to talk to us. “Hey, come here. I want to tell you something.” So, we walked closer only to be sprayed with silly string! I laughed loud and hard as we quickly backed away. What was this guy up to? Who was he? We may never know, but I’m sure he’ll see you in the funny papers!

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2 thoughts on “Who was that masked man?

  1. Andy Rupert

    There was also another fellow dressed as a reporter (suit and fedora with paper in the band) at the park. Someone suggested that he might turn into Superman any time now. Unfortunately, he was gone when we returned with the cameras. There weren’t any phone booths around anyway, which brings up a good question. Where would Superman change now … in his cell phone?

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