Every passing and progressing moment from the beginning of creation until the end of this age is planned and implemented by the all-wise, all-powerful, and all-good God. Don’t confuse this wonderful truth with some pagan concept of fatalism that produces a “whatever-will-be-will-be” resignation. Belief in the sovereignty of God is the very opposite of fatalism; it never excuses passivity but rather motivates a confident activity. The affairs of life do not happen by blind chance; they happen as the all-wise God, who knows and determines the end from the beginning, orchestrates them in perfect harmony. Not anly are the affairs of life in God’s hands, but His purposes are secure and unfrustratable.

Michael P. V. Barrett, God’s Unfailing Purpose, (Greenville, SC: Ambassador Emerald International, 2003), 3.

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2 thoughts on “Providence

  1. Chris Anderson

    Excellent. Funny: I quoted that same passage in a message a while back. I only referenced the book, and I’m eager to read through it when I get some other books completed.

  2. Andy Rupert

    I’m thinking about using the book for a study of Daniel with our teen youth group. Now that I’m working “in the world” again, I am seeing Daniel’s life as a good example for how I should be acting. It’s easy to read and applaud his courage, but more difficult to do when there.

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