Island News — April 30, 2007

Middlefield Bible Church

I’ve been asked to fill in for Pastor Howard while he and his wife are down at BJU for Steven’s graduation. It has been about a year since the last time we visited. So, we’re looking forward to visiting with the small group that meets at the Senior Citizen’s Center. Please pray for us as we prepare to minister to our brethren in Middlefield.

Blind Spots

After reading Ken Collier’s article in Today’s Christian Preacher, I came across this blog article concerning his sermon about spiritual “blind spots.” The idea is that each of us are blind to some of our own deficiencies. Collier describes it this way: “A blind spot is a sin or weakness hidden from us, glaring to God and ultimately observed by others.” Read the article.

Baltimore a nice landing spot for Smith

On a less important note, could it be that Baltimore had Troy Smith in their plans all along? Probably not. But after reading Len Pasquarelli’s article, it seems to make sense. What do you think? Will Troy Smith be a starter in a year or two?

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