Fond Memories

While visiting a used car lot in Cleveland, Trenton and I spied a fast food place that brought back a lot of memories. Dad on occasion would visit the one on High Street and bring back a sack for the family to share. (Somehow I think the two of us ate most of them.) I also remember the eatathon in 9th grade. I had 23 of them and spent the second half of the alumni soccer game on my back. One of my female classmates whose name shall remain anonymous (except for the fact that her name starts with J-u-l-i-e) forced herself to throw up to make room for more because one man had promised her $5 for each she ate. (She “finished” 18!) Then I distinctly remember when the one near Mike and Jim’s apartment began to offer Jalapeño cheese. Mmm good! I ate only two for lunch today. But they were good.

Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about the place that sells “rat burgers,” “Slyders,” “Belly Bomber,” “Whities,” “a small square patty full of holes,” or whatever you wanna call them. It’s the burger with more onions than meat, the meal that tastes good the first time but changes your evening plans, the unforgettable, somewhat nutritional, abominably offensive, fabulous food stuff provided by none other than your favorite and mine. Ladies and gentlemen …

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6 thoughts on “Fond Memories

  1. dale

    Hey, Andy! East Cleveland?! We have to travel to St Louis to fulfill our cravings for White Castle. Though I’m not sure if I want to go 240 miles one-way every week just for a Slyder and fries. Gives a new meaning to the drive-thru.

    BTW, we don’t have Tim Horton’s or, my favorite, Dunkin Donuts either. Ah, but we do have the BBQ, mmm, yummy.

  2. Laura

    Not only do we not have White Castle, but we don’t have Dairy Queen or Fazoli’s, either. If it wasn’t for Chick-Fil-A we’d be miserable.

  3. rindy

    I just clicked on here from Brad Miller’s site…and had to laugh. While traveling to Mississippi for Katrina clean-up, we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I was “supervising” two teen girls who went–across the 4 lane highway was a White Castle. The girls wanted to go…so I proceeded to lead the sprint across the highway!!! The trip was fun from then on!!! They never knew what to expect from the “old crazy lady” 😉

  4. Doug

    That’s why people have “guest” bedrooms! They do change plans for the evening, as well as (if you’re not careful) your shorts! 😀

    BTW, I REMEMBER that time you ate too many! I am sure your family will NOT forget those “Bombers”! Lori refuses to allow me the “pleasure” of eating a “Bomber”!

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