The Gospel According to NPR

While delivering a package in Cleveland yesterday, I found some spiritual encouragement on NPR radio. Diane Rehm was interviewing Rob Gifford, “previously NPR’s China correspondent from 1999 to 2005.” Having the ability to speak Chinese enabled him to travel across the country interviewing various people and to have quite a few interesting experiences. On one occasion, he visited a Protestant church to which approximately 50 people had come to worship. When the itinerant preacher didn’t arrive, they asked him to preach the sermon. At first he tried to refuse as he wasn’t used to preaching. But being a “practicing Christian” he finally agreed. At that point in the interview, Diane interrupted wanting to know what he preached. Gifford told her that he had preached a foundational truth of Christianity. He then quoted John 14:6 on live radio. That thrilled my heart! God’s message was presented on National Public Radio — amazing!

If you’d like to hear the interview, you will find it here.

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