When you wash a strainer
it doesn’t hold any water
but it still gets clean.

This was the answer given to young Pastor Ashbrook when he complained he hadn’t gotten anything from his devotional reading. The point is that the Word of God still cleanses your soul even when you don’t feel it has accomplished anything.

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3 thoughts on “Nothing?

  1. Dan Greenfield

    If sanctification necessarily involves the mind, will, and emotions, how is this true? Sounds kinda mystical (‘let go and let God’) to me! 🙂

  2. Andy Rupert


    The point I took from the illustration was that reading the Bible doesn’t always accomplish what we think it should (i.e. “getting something” out of the reading).

    I do believe there are unseen benefits to reading the Bible even when it doesn’t seem anything has happened. We may not see the importance of the passage, but it will come to mind later in a coversation that week.

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