In an age in which churches can be sued for disciplining their members unless procedures have been stated in writing and disseminated and explained to all the congregation, it is imperative to think carefully about how to implement Jesus’ instructions. … Application also proves difficult because our society for the most part is not made up of those tightly knit communities whose welcome or rejection had a powerful impact on individuals in the ancient world. Today, church members who are disciplined often leave one congregation for another that accepts them with no questions asked. Only as we recreate intimate community within the local church and networks of accountability amoung different churches can we hope to apply these verses effectively. But without this application, sin in the church will continue to compromise the unity and testimony of God’s people.

Craig L. Blomberg, Matthew, Vol. 22 of The New American Commentary, edited by David S. Dockery, (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1992), 280.

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