Island News — August 6, 2007

Parents sue schools over uniforms

1 in 4 elementary and 1 in 8 secondary public schools now require students to wear uniforms. The original idea was to diminish the perceived children’s need to fit in with the latest trends. President Clinton added that uniforms helped keep orderliness in the classrooms. But some parents are now taking the schools to court over their right to “free expression.”

Babbin: Ron Paul would tell all

“The idea of a president maintaining the constitutional underpinnings of the office escaped Ron Paul. In a startling disavowal of the separation of powers clause, Paul said that as president he would never withhold information from Congress, preemptively surrendering the president’s right to assert executive privilege and maintain the president’s ability to obtain, in confidence, the best counsel of his advisors.”

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4 thoughts on “Island News — August 6, 2007

  1. Anonymous

    I believe uniforms in a school is the best thing to happen …….. although many parents see it differently …….. They don’t see what I have seen these past ten years give or take a few years ….. as an employee of a reknown school district … I see equality in all students wearing uniforms …….. No child feels left behind because of their uniforms …….. I use to see a lot of deversity among children because of the clothes some of them couldnt afford. I don’t believe my generation had this problem. The children now a days
    seem so spoiled and are given everything under the sun with no gratefulness or knowedge as to hard their parents had to work to accomadate their children. Yes these parents feel their childrens rights have been violated and their freedom of expression has been taken away …….. but will it really hurt them to conform to a uniform for the 6 to 7 hours they are in school ? and Really these parents are screaming about the cost of Uniforms ?? Excuse me ! I believe the cost of name brand pants/shirts /shoes etc ….. are a lot more than the cost of a uniform …….. thank you ….. @t@ …

  2. Andy Rupert

    I hear you. Another aspect is the attitude that wearing uniforms might help to form in the minds of the students. Too many of today’s styles reflect an attitude of carelessness and sloppiness. Hopefully, our schools can help re-educate the children as to what is appropriate. Unfortunately, many in the educational community have learned he same bad habits.

  3. Doug

    Ron Paul for president? Why? He’s for pulling troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other military bases across the world. Why? His excuse is it’s costing the US taxpayer too much money. Right! Too much money to defend our country, and our way of life? What is Ron thinking? Hello!

  4. Andy Rupert

    I’m still thinking through Ron Paul’s positions. However, I find his position on limited government and allegiance to the constitution to be quite attractive.

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