Jefferson’s Wreck

Our children each get a week with my parents this month. Jefferson is first and has been there since last Saturday. I’ve been wondering what they would be doing and if he would be bored or home sick. But after mom’s recent email, I’m thinking he’s having quite the week!

This afternoon, I sent Jefferson up in his room to read a book. After 20 minutes there was a thunderous crash! I ran for the basement to see what Dave blew up. Jefferson shouted that it was a car wreck in our yard!

A college fellow neglected to stop at the stop sign. He hit a 55 year old woman’s car, who had never been in an accident. Her car spun around and landed beside the lilac bush in our yard. After the police man came, the 2 fire trucks came, and the emergency rescue and a fire white van. The boy was taken to the hospital with a concussion and 7 stitches in his forehead. (His father was on the phone and told us.)

Lt. Joey Massey was in the white fire van. He stood in the yard and talked to us for a while. He looked good.

When the tow truck came, the gray haired man let Jefferson push the lever to pull the car up on to the flat back tow truck. We have pictures of everything.

It was a very exciting afternoon. How will we duplicate this for Katie & Trenton?

How indeed?

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