Creation Evidence

I had an interesting debate with a scientific atheist at work today. He believes the Bible to be myth and sees no evidence for God. My personal belief is that without God given faith no person will believe. No amount of argumentation will convince him of the truthfulness of the Bible unless the Holy Spirit removes his spiritual blindness. Because of this belief, I agreed that I could only produce my own spirital conversion as evidence. I also pointed him to Hebrews 11:6 and, at the close of our conversation, Hebrews 9:27. Regardless of his beliefs, he will one day stand before God. This keeps me prayerfully conversing with the hope that God’s Spirit will open his eyes.

However, at the same time, I am wondering if the scientific research offered by such organizations as the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis might be helpful in our conversation. Both organizations provide good articles and videos which are helpful in debunking the fact that evolution is an established, scientific fact. Tonight, I viewed a DVD produced by ICR entitled, “Thousands … not Billions.” In the video a group of scientists identified as the RATE team give evidence that radioactive isotope dating is not as accurate as indicated. Apparently, the production of helium in the same reaction process indicates a period of only thousands of years.

I also came across two articles on the two web sites which were helpful. The first is Mount St. Helens—Evidence for Genesis by Ken Ham of AIG. In this article, Ham concisely points out the rapid production of sedimentary levels which previous to the eruption had been attributed to millions of years. The second article is The Devastating Issue of Dinosaur Tissue by Frank Sherwin of ICR. In that article he reports on soft tissue being discovered in a T Rex bone. The 2005 find was also reported in the Washington Post. It seems quite obvious that a million year old skeleton could not still contain soft tissue. It also seems quite obvious that this indicates a recent death.

These are the types of conversations that all Christians will face some time. While our main offense is prayer and the Sword of the Spirit, I believe that such research can be helpful in answering those who claim that evolution is a confirmed fact. Please pray with me as I seek to point this man to Christ.

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