A New Hymn

During a break yesterday, I sang through “My Jesus Fair,” a new hymn written by Pastors Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger. The words and music go well together and express humble thanks for what Jesus willingly accomplished for us.

My Jesus Fair (listen)

My Jesus fair was pierced by thorns
By thorns grown from the fall
Thus He who gave the curse was torn
To end that curse for all

My Jesus kind was torn by nails
By nails of cruel men
And to His cross as grace prevailed
God pinned my wretched sin

My Jesus pure was crushed by God
By God in judgment just
The Father grieved yet turned His rod
On Christ made sin for us

O love divine O matchless grace
That God should die for men
With joyful grief I lift my praise
Abhoring all my sin, adoring only him

There are two other verses which describe his meekness and strength. You can view them by downloading the sheet music at Pastor Anderson’s blog. Thank you, Pastors Anderson and Habegger, for this beautiful reminder of Christ’s great love for sinful us.

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