Windell Middlebrooks

In all honesty, we don’t watch much television. But when we are watching the Buckeyes (or recently the Indians) we have seen some beer commercials which were humorous. Today, as I was walking toward the Giant Eagle grocery store, I spied in front of me, the Miller High Life actor who inspects establishments which sell that item. He was walking in front of me headed in the same direction as me.

My first response was, “Wow, it’s somebody I’ve seen on television.” But that thought was quickly erased by the thought that, “he’s helping to sell something that has ruined many lives.” I’m not incredibly quick on my feet, when it comes to thinking of something worthwhile to say in any conversation. So, I was happy that he was already engaged in a conversation.

By the way, you needn’t worry as it wasn’t a commercial shoot. The Painesville Giant Eagle had just invited him as publicity to help draw in customers. But that experience did make me wonder what the right thing would have been to do. Dr. Ollila was always a good one to speak to Michael Jordan in airports and after Bulls games somehow. So, let me ask you. What would you have done if it had been you?

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2 thoughts on “Windell Middlebrooks

  1. Andy Rupert

    No doubt his new commercial will be funny. It’s just too bad that his claim to fame is a beer commercial.

    “Wine is a mocker,
    Strong drink is a brawler,
    And whoever is led astray by it
    is not wise.”

    Proverbs 20:1

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