Cupola Tour

The state capitol building in Columbus offers tours of the building to various groups. While visiting family in Columbus, we had the opportunity to take the tour hosted by none other than my brother, Mike. It was quite interesting to see the historical aspects of the building. And the architectural layout of the building is interesting especially when you realize that electrical indoor lighting was not available at the time of its construction (begun 1838-40). However, the most interesting section of the structure is the cupola. If you have never had the opportunity to visit this off limits area (like me, hint hint), This Week Community Newspapers gave permission to link to this video on their web site of Mike giving a tour.

Click here to view the three minute video. You’ll enjoy it despite its likeness to a B-rated martial arts sound track. Our video camera does the same thing, so what can I say?

For more information about the state capitol, download this five page history. Or just ask my brother.

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