Preventative Maintenance

I was recently encouraged by an article posted by my cousin, Pastor Brad Miller. He reminded me that our response to trials is greatly affected by our view of God. If we believe that “he is good, his love endures forever,” we should be able to keep trusting him when the hard times hit.

Preventing mood problems and health problems can be done by believing the history of God’s salvation. We need to read the Bible over and over again and resist those who would weaken our faith in God’s Word. All of us, when hurt by life’s troubles, will do much better if we believe like Israel and Aaron did, that “God (really) is good; his love (truly) endures forever”.

You can read the entire article here.

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One thought on “Preventative Maintenance

  1. Brad

    Not bad for a young white male husband and father of 4 pastoring a small rurual church in “God’s country” Pennsylvania USA.

    I recently heard that a pastor told his preaching son that he will never preach a good sermon until he is of grandfather age and experiences some heart aches.

    That sounds a little romantic but Jesus did teach us about the teacher called suffering.

    I have always looked forward to getting older and I’m sure my preaching will benefit from the gifts of maturity.


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