And now you know …

After consulting a fluent French major, after talking up the island for four years, and after recording not just one but two Jean-Luc stories, I suddenly came across this debilitating revelation.

“In English, ‘Kerguelen’ is pronounced [‘kə:gɪlɪn], [‘kɚgələn], etc.” Wikipedia

I can hardly think of anything to say. I’ve been all wrong. And I guess the only worthwhile question left to ask is … well … uh … how do you pronounce ‘kə:gɪlɪn or ‘kɚgələn?

P.S. Read Why Kerguelen? for an explanation as to my fascination with the island(s).

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4 thoughts on “And now you know …

  1. dale

    I’ve actually never tried to pronounce the word myself. I always refer to your site as “IsleAndy”. 🙂

  2. Andy Rupert


    Thanks for the link. Sadly, I couldn’t get the voice to speak for me. But looking at the pronunciation guide, it looks a bit different than what others have said. Maybe I’ll just have to visit the place to get it right. That would be fun.

  3. Doug

    All I know is it’s French!

    Isle Ker gew luh!

    Isle de le franchy franch pepel who seep la wine! Parlez vous Francais? Oui oui messuer!

    French language…lots of vowels that make no sense! Ack!

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