Apology re: YouTube

For the past year or so, I have been posting home videos on my site. All but two have been hosted by Google Video. The nice thing about their service is that when I embed the video on my blog, they do not explicitly advertise videos produced by other people. That keeps me from inadvertently advertising bad videos. However, they do provide a link to their site where objectionable material could be viewed. Because of that fact, I was pleased that blogger now offers video hosting with no link to other videos.

The only problem is that good videos posted by other people are not always available in this way. Most are posted at Google Video, YouTube, or some other hosting service which contain both good and bad material. After my recent posting of several good YouTube videos, a concerned Christian approached me about the picture links YouTube provides at the end of each video. After one video, a link to an immoral video was provided without my knowledge. For this reason, I have removed all YouTube videos from this site. Although it was not intentional, I apologize for allowing such material on my blog.

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