Island News — November 25, 2007

Global Reach

My other blog, High Maintenance, chronicles my interest in European automobiles and the interesting mechanical adventures I have experienced. Our current adventure involves a 1990 Jaguar XJ6, hence the blog’s title. After replacing the sealed beam headlight a few weeks ago, I wrote an article explaining how to interpret the service manual’s instructions. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from someone in New Zealand who had benefitted from it! You just never know who will read your stuff.

Salida Woods

We had eight residents attend the nursing home service today. And we had two visitors: a blind lady, and a diabetic man. As I’m still recovering from a head cold, Mike H. filled in as song leader. That was a big help as my voice is still rather weak. But with the aid of a cup of water and a cough drop, the Lord enabled me to speak from Psalm 34:1-3. Afterward, a regular attender came in to apologize that she had fallen asleep and missed the service. So, she asked for the manuscript of my message. I’m glad I had written and printed it out!

Mentor Football

Greg P., one of the boys in our youth group, is a member of the MHS football team. He keeps us updated as to the team’s progress during Sunday School anouncements. What he didn’t tell us this morning was that he was given the privilege of dressing for the game they won Saturday and will be dressing for the state championship next weekend. Maybe I should get his autograph? Or maybe I should make another recruiter appearance?

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