Recapturing the Minds of Black Youth

While I can’t recommend the choice of language in the article, I think that Jason Whitlock, a black man, makes several good points about the murder of Sean Taylor and the current need of the American black man.

I blame hip hop for playing a role in the genocide of American black men. When your leading causes of death and dysfunction are murder, ignorance and incarceration, there’s no reason to give a free pass to a culture that celebrates murder, ignorance and incarceration. Of course there are other catalysts, but until we recapture the minds of black youth, convince them that it’s not OK to [treat women like prostitutes] nothing will change.

I appreciate what he is saying, but how will that needed change take place? I believe the answer is two-fold. First, they need the life changing message of the gospel (2 Cor. 5:17-21). Only through Jesus can each one of us escape the bondage and repercussions of our own sinfulness. There really is no hope without him. Second, Christians, need to spend time building relationships with sinful people (think of Zacchaeus). The drug dealers and pimps are only too happy to grab hold of the young lives in our communities. How much better it would be for those who have already been changed by Jesus to show them by word and action that Jesus can change them too. Yes, the odds seem to be stacked against any change taking place. But we are confident that “with God all things are possible.” So … where do we start?

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