Too Busy for People

In Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, the author points out the similarities between the spiritual leaders during Jesus’ earthly ministry and the leaders of evangelical churches today. His main thought is that we have become so involved with meetings and miscellaneous other things that we are failing to fulfill the real purpose of the Church.

Many churches across America, like the leadership of Israel, have forgotten the reason why the Church exists. … Many churches simply need to reorganize themselves so that the biblical priorities can be fulfilled. The key is to release the strongest leaders fom the shuffling of papers and the maintenance of the machinery of the church to the freedom of ministering directly to people. Such a strategy inevitably strengthens the body of Christ.

Bill Hull, Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, (Grand Rapids: Revell, 1984), 31.

While all churches have not fallen prey to this, it is nonetheless a danger into which even the best can fall. Having served as an assistant pastor, I know the time required of pastors, elders, and others serving on various committees. As the author points out, if we are not careful, we will not have time for our main purpose.

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