2 thoughts on “I’m going back to college!

  1. Beanhead

    Our classical radio station has had ads running for a college that is offering comic art classes. It makes sense, though. Most people are choosing jobs more on the basis of making money. Consumers are purchasing comic books. The libraries even have sections devoted to “graphic novels”.
    The most recent JAMA had an article about how the medical world is drifting away from professionalism. They gave someone’s definition of professionalism as being more interested in doing good(to others) with your skills than in making a monetary profit. I read the article at the library this morning, so I can’t give you any direct quotations. Sorry.

  2. Andy Rupert

    Honestly, I would need a lot of training before being good enough to make it in that art form. But then again, some of the comics in our local newspapers are pretty poor quality (art & content).

    From what I remember, most comic books and graphic novels were not noted for decency. When I was a teen, comics books depicted superheroes as “naked” people who had spray painted their outfits on. That’s not exactly media designed for godliness.

    Be that as it may, my cartooning hobby will probably never lead further than an occasional charicature at work.

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