After scoring the first goal in the NCAA soccer national championship, Ohio State lost its momentum and succombed to the Wake Forest team, 2-1. And as it is with most championship games, a controversy surrounded one of the Wake Forest scores.

Schilawski’s winner came off a pass from junior forward Marcus Tracy. OSU goalkeeper Casey Latchem believed Tracy used a handball to play the ball through, and he received a yellow card for vehemently arguing his case.

After the game, he again approached the officials to complain.

“I tried to make them see it, but apparently that doesn’t work out all the time,” Latchem said.

Bluem said that after watching the replay he also thought the handball was “pretty apparent,” but Tracy disagreed.

“To me, it was not a handball,” he said. “The ref didn’t call it as a handball.”

Chris Nida, “OSU can’t keep up pressure in second half

After that the Bucks were fantcially attempting to tie things up. They almost did with just a few seconds left. One of their forwards almost got the ball away from the opposing goalie. But things didn’t work out. In the end, the Ohio State soccer team did something no previous team could do. They made it to the championship. Congratulations, Bucks!

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