Christmas Music

The search for good Christmas music has been simplified by Beckenhorst Press of Columbus, Ohio. They offer sample recordings of much of their sheet music. Their list of composers include Dan Forrest Jr., Craig Courtney, John Ness Beck, Joan Pinkston, and many others. Most recordings are conservative choral arrangements that I would feel comfortable hearing in our church. Follow the instructions below to access the recordings or to order sheet music.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the icon labeled “Occasion”.
  3. Click on “Christmas”.
  4. Click on “mp3” next to the song you wish to hear.


One of the last songs has a curious title: Would We Miss Him? It made me wonder what the song was all about. Is the idea that we might have been just as unaware as the people in Bethlehem? After listening to the recording I still have no idea as I couldn’t understand the words. Is it just me or were their words hard to understand?

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