Occupied Land

In Segregation: Muslim Style, Cal Thomas writes about “no go” zones in Great Britain in which non-Muslims risk being attacked should they venture into Muslim “occupied” land. That certainly brings to mind the need for prayer and for more Christian missionaries in places like Great Britain.
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One thought on “Occupied Land

  1. EggsnGrits

    Great article. I recall a similar story about a French mayor that had to gain “permission” to travel into a Muslim enclave in her own city to meet with leaders there! The Muslims considered that section of the city a part of Arabia, and not subject to French laws!

    You know, when extremist “Christians” do this in Montana or Idaho, they are considered the crazy lunatic fringe. When Muslims do this, multiculturalism stiffles any dialog along those lines.

    I agree with the Rt Rev: Multiculturalism and religious “coexistence” are simply euphamisms for the absence of both culture and truth.

    Muslims don’t put up with that. Why should Christians?

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