What Roman Catholics Believe

A lawyer expressed his belief in the following terms, and it is the faith of every true Roman Catholic: “The sacrifice of Christ atones for our original sin, but the actual sins of our lives need to be purged by good works, obedience to the Church, and at last by the fires of purgatory, which are more or less severe and lengthy, according to the circumstances and actions of the person in this life, from which he is ultimately liberated by the intercession of Mary.”

McConnell, William W., “Roman Catholicism in Theory and Practice,” published in the March 1904 edition of The Missionary Review of the World.

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1 thought on “What Roman Catholics Believe

  1. EggsnGrits

    I’ve always marveled at the Roman Catholic church and how few of their members actually study the Bible — they tend to study the Catholic books with excerpts and commentary in lieu of the Bible. There are plenty of things that aren’t right about that scenario.

    Where they get Mary as an intercessor beats me. It’s not in my Bible.

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