The Easter holiday is a good time to contemplate what Jesus did for us. His sacrifice accomplished our eternal salvation apart from any thing we could ever do. In his well-known hymn, Why?, John M. Moore helps us to think through a question which cannot be answered by finite minds. Why did the sinless Son of God allow himself to become sin for us and die in our place?

Why did they nail Him to Calvary’s tree?
Why? tell me, why was He there?
Jesus the Helper, the Healer, the Friend
Why? tell me, why was He there?

All my iniquities on Him were laid
He nailed them all to the tree
Jesus the debt of my sin fully paid
He paid the ransom for me.

Why should He love me, a sinner undone?
Why? tell me, why should He care?
I do not merit the love He has shown
Why? tell me, why should He care?

The first two verses and chorus make their points very clear. In light of Jesus’ goodness and our own wretched sinfulness, why would he give himseld for us? The chorus gives the best answer that our puny minds can muster. Although, we do not deserve it, he did it for us. However, the author got a bit vague with his third verse.

Why should I linger afar from His love?
Why? tell me, why should I fear?
Somehow I know I should venture and prove
Why? tell me, why should I fear?

As I sang through it, I wasn’t sure what it meant. Was he referring to an unsaved person who should receive Christ? Or was he thinking of something God wanted him, as a believer, to do? It seemed a bit odd. So, I offer a replacement verse which will hopefully continue the excellent theme of the song.

Why did he love me? I cannot tell why
Nothing within me is good
Still Jesus loved me, and took all my sin
There was no reason he should (have)

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