Island News — April 5, 2008

Civil Air Patrol

Earlier this week, I was able to see one of our youth group teens in uniform. “Vandy” is a member of the Civil Air Patrol which meets in Painesville. The program has something to do with training teens for a future in the Air Force. In the near future he will be taking part in a practice search and rescue operation and real ones after that.

Bible Club Challenge

After nine weeks of Bible Club, the four clubs met at our church for the final Challenge. Each group competed in four categories: (1) Who am I? (the teens dressed as Bible characters), (2) Books of the Bible in order, (3) Quizzing over the Bible lessons, and (4) Memory Verses. All ten of our “clubbers” made it out to the challenge including two of the parents.

As with any outreach like this, there are a mix of emotions when things are wrapped up. You’d kind of like to continue but you’re relieved it’s over at the same time. We hope and pray that God used the club to point each child (including our own) toward faith in Jesus.

Visit to the Hollow

Mom and Dad visited this weekend. Saturday afternoon, we took a walk through beautiful Hell Hollow. (Maybe it used to look bad?) It was a workout to get down over 200 steps and then back up, but it was worth it. The view from the top and the bottom is gorgeous (no pun intended). I walked away thinking that God has given us so much on earth, and yet we take so little time to enjoy it.

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