Why Am I Here?

I was rummaging through the pamphlets at our church last night and came across a new gospel tract. It’s called, “Why am I here?” and is published by Moments With the Book of Bedford PA. After addressing that question, the writer discusses the emptiness many people face without Jesus.

Sadly, though, we become so good at drowning out our spirit that we seldom notice it at all. We flood our senses with music and movies, and food and drink; we flood our minds with work and school. Then when our spirit reminds us “There is something you need,” we often try in vain to meet the emptiness within us with the philosophy “Eat, drink, and be merry.” Sometimes we think “If I only had more money then I could be happy.” But many wealthy and famous people have tried to find happiness and fulfillment through every luxury and every pleasure that money can afford, only to end up more unhappy and miserable than they had been before. This is because until we address our spiritual needs, we cannot possibly be fulfilled.

Toward the end, the author points the reader to God’s answer book, the Bible, and our need to be reconciled to God through Jesus. For a four panel gospel tract, I think the author does a good job. And, if nothing else, it causes us to think about the purpose of life.

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