Encouraging Truths from John 17

Too often I get bogged down by the difficulties of life. But when I do, the Lord has a way of bringing me back to a proper perspective. The most recent prescription given to me was found in John 17. That chapter contains the High Priestly Prayer of our Savior. In it I found four truths (there are many more) that encouraged me greatly.

  1. I have an eternal relationship with God (3).
  2. “Eternal life, then, consists in the knowledge of God. … Nor is this knowledge a matter simply of intellectual apprehension: it involves a personal relationship.”

    F. F. Bruce, The Gospel and Epistles of John, 329.

    “The word know here … is often used in the Septuagint and some times in the Greek New Testament to describe the intimacy of a sexual relationship. Thus a person who knows God has an intimate personal relationship with Him.

    Edwin A. Blum, Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, 331.

  3. I am sent into, hated by, and kept in the world (14-18).
  4. “Like Daniel in Babylon and the saints in Caesar’s household (Phil. 4:22), God intends for His followers to be witnesses to truth in the midst of satanic falsehood. … Christians must not take themselves out of the world but remain in meaningful contact with it, trusting in God’s protection while they witness for Jesus.”

    Edwin A. Blum,
    Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, 332-33.

  5. I am set apart by and dedicated to God’s truth (17).
  6. “As the disciples lived for God day by day, the application of God’s truth to their lives would have a purifying effect as it would call sin to their attention, and cause confession and restoration to follow. By this means they would be set apart from sin and consecrated to the ministry to which Christ had called them.”

    Homer A. Kent, Light in the Darkness, 192.

  7. I have joy when I understand these truths (13).
  8. “The words of comfort spoken by Jesus to His disciples were of great benefit to them. Following His Passion, they would recall his words and experience the full measure of joy. Joy came to them because they knew from His words that He had conquered the evil one and brought eternal life to them.”

    Edwin A. Blum,
    Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, 332.

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