One thought on “Ron Paul not Electable?

  1. Yonah

    As wise as he (and many others) are about the Iraq War, imperialism as an element of American foreign policy and the burden of our ever-bloating debt (Mr Bush spent $3 trillion we don’t have on the war), I’m not sure I buy his assertion of being a “strict constructionist” or “civil libertarian.”

    Per the Federalist Papers and Amendment 9, our rights are not limited to those enumerated in the Constitution. So being a “strict constructionist” in the sense I think he and Justices Scalia and Thomas mean it don’t really mesh with the intentions of Hamilton, Jefferson and Madison.

    And Mr Paul seems all too willing to vote to limit them when the possibility of liberty for others offends his own personal morality. Of course, I find that a challenge myself, but I don’t have to vote to grant or deny equal civil rights to blacks or gays or latinos or women.

    That said, it’s sad he was treated with such hostility by the Republicans during the primaries. We need to listen to more to voices like his and Ralph Nader’s (with whom he has more in common than either would likely admit). Like modern-day Cassandra’s, they’ve pointed out how big business is robbing our country blind, but no one listens.

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