… at 9:41 pm!

Once a week, I try to spend some extra time with each of the kids. After they’ve gone to bed, I’ll lie down with one of them and talk about the day for a few minutes. Last night, I was talking with Jefferson when the topic of Christ’s return came up. That led to an interesting conversation between Jefferson, Trenton (who shares the room), and I. I’ve been trying to show Trenton especially his need for Christ. He seems to think that he has plenty of time as evidenced by something he said then.

Me: To be ready for Jesus’ return you must repent of your sin and turn to Jesus to save you, Trenton.

Trenton: I know, I’m going to do that later.

Me: What are you waiting for?

Trenton: I want to finish my game of Tropix.

I’m not naturally a pushy person especially when it comes to spiritual matters. But I had to follow up on that one. I told him that it was foolish to wait for the end of a computer game as Jesus could return at any moment. That’s not just some scare tactic to get people to “make decisions;” it’s something made clear in the Scriptures (see 1 Thess. 4:16-18). But after talking with him for a few minutes, I decided to pray with the two boys and especially that God would convince Trenton of his need to repent of his sins and trust Christ.

After saying good night to all three children, I went down stairs to check my email. Now that I’m selling cars for Leikin Volvo, it literally pays to check my email as often as possible. You never know when someone may have replied to an email or call I had made that day. As my tired body went through the motions of pointing and clicking the mouse, I heard the sound of little feet coming down the stairs. It wasn’t long before a little boy was peeping around the corner. And before I could say, “Get back in bed, little boy,” he exclaimed, “I got saved at 9:41 pm!”

That led to more of a conversation and truth be known, it’s going to take some time to evidence that the Holy Spirit has indeed saved Trent. But it sure was nice to hear.

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2 thoughts on “… at 9:41 pm!

  1. Laura

    Jamie desperately wants to be on the good team, the winning team. He hates Satan and loves God. He wants to go to Heaven. But he has a way to go yet in knowing exactly what that is all about. It’s hard to wait!

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