How well do you know the candidates?

I was pretty sure I knew the candidates last year when I took an online test regarding the political views of the various candidates. I was pretty sure that the test would reveal that I was closest to Ron Paul, as I still enjoy his point of view on most issues. But I was surprised when the results told me my views were closest to Fred Thompson.

So now that the field has been narrowed significantly, who should I vote for? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write in Ron Paul’s name on the new voting machines. If not, who would I vote for? None of the minor candidates have done much to attract me. Chuck Baldwin is a good writer, but doesn’t impress me on video. Ralph Nader isn’t planning on bringing back the Corvair, so he’s out, too. That pretty much narrows the field to the two major candidates: McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden.

But how much do I know about these people? (And even if I did know everything about them, the question still remains whether they really believe what they have been saying.) But really, how much do you know about either candidate?

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