The typical car salesman at a dealership serves as the mediator between the customer and the dealership. His duty is to both parties. His responsibility to the customer is to get him the best deal realistically possible at terms that meet his approval. The customer relies on him to relay his needs, offers, and counter-offers to the sales manager for approval. But a salesman hasn’t done his job if he is only concerned for the customer’s best interests. His responsibility is also to the dealership.

But how can the salesman please both parties? It often takes a lot of time. The salesman has to talk to both the customer and sales manager to know what would be a fair and equitable agreement for both parties. He has to persuade the customer that the car is actually worth the final offer from the sales manager. He may also have to take ridiculous offers to the sales manager even though he knows they will be rejected. That’s just the way things work when you’re the “go between” representing both parties.

As I read Hebrews 7 this morning, I couldn’t help comparing my job as a car salesman to what Jesus does daily for believers. There is a big difference, mind you, but there is somewhat of a comparison. Instead of mediating between a customer and the dealership to accomplish a sale, the Lord Jesus has a much bigger responsibility. He is mediating between sinful believers and our holy God for our reconciliation. Thankfully, he is always successful. Due to his own sinlessness and perfect sacrifice for our sins all believers are reconciled to God despite our sinfulness. That’s good to know.

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