The Real Issue

In today’s reading, the author made a good point about the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit at conversion and being surrendered to him on a daily basis. Waiting for God to do something is not always the next step. It could be that the believer is in need of surrendering to the Spirit’s will.

“Wherefore as each one of us by faith becomes a member of that body, we are baptized with the same Spirit that dwells in that body, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can not too clearly lay hold of this. For our deceitful heart is all too quick to take refuge in prayer, and waiting to receive, and thus dodge the real issue which is an absolute surrender to Him who has been received. So subtle is the flesh that it is glad, by waiting petition, to throw on God the burden of giving, if thereby it can evade the real issue which God has put upon us of yielding wholly to Him who has already been given. It is exactly matched by the case of the sinner who is far more willing to pray and wait on God for a blessing than to make the surrender that will bring the blessing.”

James McConkey, The Threefold Secret of the Holy Spirit, (Richmond: Silver Publishing Society, 1987), 27.

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