Different by Design

Have you ever noticed how different Christians are from each other? Some excitedly talk about their experience while others are much more reserved. Preachers can be the same. One may jump all about the platform and walk through the crowd while speaking while another simply speaks quietly from behind the pulpit. Is one wrong and the other right? Is more excitement evidence that the preacher is more submitted to the Holy Spirit? Not necessarily. It may be that this is the way God made the individual personalities.

Two of God’s children yield their lives to Him in entire surrender. In response to that surrender the same event will come to both—a fullness of the Spirit never known, never thought possible, before. But the manifestation, the experience of that fullness, will not be the same in both; it will necessarily vary with the individual temperament. For God not only gives the fullness, but he also made the vessels which contain that fullness, and has made them all slightly different. The cup, vase, and goblet of gold are all full, but the water within them takes shape from the fashioning form of the vessel.

James McConkey, The Threefold Secret of the Holy Spirit, (Richmond: Silver Publishing Society, 1987), 63.

I appreciated that explanation. Each believer is made differently and will go about the same responsibilities in a different way. Think, for instance, of evangelism. One may shout the good news to every passer by, while another may carefully and quietly speak to his acquaintances with compasson. The difference is not necessarily a lack of urgency; it is simply the way God has made him.

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