Ohio State’s 51 point second half!

Ohio State hasn’t looked very good so far this season. Even in their recent win against Samford, they only managed 59 points. But tonight something happened that I wish I’d been able to watch. Unfortunately, it was only available on ESPN, and our recently change to a slower internet speed didn’t allow us to watch it online.

I did watch the score change online for a few minutes, but with the score at 16-4 at one point, I gave up. They really aren’t going to have a good season; not even with two 7 footers. Then our computer decided to conk out every other minute, so I switched to an old P3-1 GHz that’s been sitting on the basement floor for about a year. By the time I got it up and running, the game was over and I was surprised to read that the Buckeyes had pulled out a 5 point win over University of Miami!


*It probably wouldn’t have happened except for the fact that Miami’s leading scorer was ejected for a flagrant foul. But I’m still amazed! Read more at ESPN.

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