The Sign of a Changed Life

As I was studying the lesson for today’s Bible Club, I read Genesis 9:12-13. Noah and his family had just exited the ark after an incredible journey through the global flood. In appreciation for what God had done, Noah offered a sacrifice. The Scriptures say that God was pleased and that he promised not to destroy the earth again with a global flood. To help mankind remember his promise, he placed a rainbow in the sky.

That got me thinking. God has made other promises since the Flood. For instance, he promises to save from eternal punishment those who repent and believe Christ. But what sign is there that God will do what he has promised? Until death comes, how can a Christian be confident that he will escape the punishment he rightly deserve for his sins?

Perhaps the greatest sign is the change God makes in a believer’s life (2 Cor. 5:17). His change in thinking and his longing to please the Lord are evidence that God has converted him as promised. This “sign” is evidence that God does do what he promises. And since God has so evidently kept that promise, how can a Christian doubt that God will keep the other promises as well?

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