Before and After

When I was a kid, the neighborhood kids would join us most every day to form a secret club, have a pet funeral, ride bikes, or climb a tree. The favorite climbing tree was the pine in our back yard. I don’t know how tall it was 30 years ago, but it was tall enough to scare me when the top swayed in the wind.

We built tree forts and swung upside down from the branch closest to the fence. One time we each tried to be the one to tie the ribbon highest in the tree. And we always stayed away from the electrical line that ran past the lower branches. But most of all we all tried to keep that one important rule: If you’re not big enough to climb up yourself, you can’t climb the tree.

Why the memories all of a sudden? Well, mom and dad had the pine tree cut down this week. It appears that the neighbors were having a tree cut down and the tree company offered to cut it down for a discounted rate. So, it’s gone. Too bad. It would have been nice to climb it one more time … just for old time’s sake.

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3 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Anonymous

    If you were scared of heights that tree either cured you of that fear or subdued it for a little bit. I do believe that with all the kids that have climbed that old tree, there were no injuries (at least not serious ones). Mr and Mrs. Rupert must have been inside praying for our safety. I grew up across the street (If you look at the picture of the 2 houses mine is in front. You can see my parents bdrm window) We had an old maple tree, I must have fallen out of that tree 3-4 times. Just goes to show what prayer will do. We will miss that old pine tree. Take care Andy!! Steve Turner

  2. Andy Rupert

    Steve, we had some good memories in the backyard and at your house, too. We ought to get together some time this summer for a neighborhood reunion.

    Mike, I remember the locusts, too. My kids collect them off our pine trees in Painesville. What fun!

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