Chris Jent

Remember the OSU men’s basketball team between 1988-92? Those were some of my favorite years as the guys really had heart. Chris Jent in particular caught my attention as he was a hard working, diving, all around good guy. There was just something special about watching him play.

I was reminded of him this evening as I read an article about him on the online edition of the Columbus Dispatch. Apparently, LeBron James has a special relationship with him as a shooting coach. But the article went on the give some details about Jent’s career on various professional teams and what it takes to be a good basketball player or coach.

You can read the article by clicking here. It brought back a lot of memories. But I must admit that the dream of becoming a Buckeye or pro basketball player looses it’s glamour when you consider the amount of time you would be away from your family.

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